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New Legal Articles & Updates

How to Apply for a Green Card Based on Registry

If you are eligible for a green card based on registry, you'll apply to adjust status much like other applicants for permanent residency.

Eligibility for a Green Card Under the Registry Provision of the I.N.A.

Immigrants who've been in the United States since before 1972 - legally or not - may have a unique way to become a legal permanent resident (green card holder).

Personal Injury Claims Against The Federal Government

Under The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), lawsuits can be filed against the federal government for injuries that occur on government property or due to accidents caused by federal employees.

The Self-Petition Under VAWA

U.S. immigrants who have been abused by their sponsoring spouse can petition for permanent residency (green card) on their own - even after a divorce.

Is An Immigration Lawyer Worth The Cost?

Hiring an attorney means adding legal fees to your immigration case, but often, avoiding mistakes can save money and time down the road - and prevent visa denials and even removal from the U.S.

What If You Lose Your Job While Your Green Card is Processing?

If your employment-based green card application is in process and you lose your job, you may have options to continue with the process rather than starting over.

What to Expect at Your Adjustment of Status Interview

If you're adjusting status to a U.S. permanent resident (green card holder), you'll need to attend an interview with a USCIS official. Here's what you can expect.

Tips to Protect Your Legal Claim After a Car Accident

When dealing with an insurance company after a car accident, these tips can go a long way in protecting your legal rights.