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New Legal Articles & Updates

When to File for an Employment-Based Green Card - Timing an I-140 Petition

Knowing when to file the I-140 petition - Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker - is very important. If a worker is in nonimmigrant status (like H-1B), here's when to petition for employment-based permanent residence.

This Immigration Lawyer's Advice on DUI Consequences

Getting a DUI (or in some states, DWI or OWI) comes with criminal penalties and driver's license issues for everyone - but immigrants have to deal with additional legal complications.

Can I File an I-130 Petition If My Fiance Overstayed The K-1 Visa?

If your K-1 holding fiance stayed beyond the 90-day window and you have not yet married, you may still be able to start the green card process.

Can You File One I-129 Petition for Multiple Workers?

For some types of work visas, employers may save time and money by filing one visa petition for more than one worker. There are some downsides though.

I-129 Supplements: A Legal Guide for U.S. Work Visas

Get helpful legal information on completing the necessary supplement(s) when filing an I-129 work visa petition.

Form I-129: A Legal Guide for U.S. Work Visas

Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, is filed by U.S. employers sponsoring foreign nationals for employment in the United States.

R-2 Visa for Family of Religious Workers (R-1 Holders)

Family members of R-1 holders are eligible for an R-2 visa. Here's how to apply.

R-1 Visa for Religious Workers

Eligibility and application requirements for the temporary religious worker visa to the United States.

Q-1 Visa for Cultural Exchange Program in U.S.

This visa allows U.S. entry for people participating in an established international cultural exchange program.

P-1 Work Visa for Outstanding Artists, Educators, Businesspeople, Entertainers, & Athletes

These short-term work visas are available to outstanding workers in the sciences, arts, education, business, entertainment, and athletics, coming to the U.S. for temporary events.