Foreclosure Law

Learn about foreclosure - the foreclosure process, defenses (short sales, loan modifications & bankruptcy) and deficiency laws.

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Foreclosure Law Categories

  • Foreclosure Laws - Find information on the most important laws governing the foreclosure process by state.
  • Defending a Foreclosure - Learn about the options you have to avoid a foreclosure, and whether you can keep the property.
  • Mortgage Deficiency Laws - If you lose a home to foreclosure, or do a short sale, you may be liable for a deficiency judgment. Learn more about the state laws in this section.
  • Foreclosure Basics - Introductory articles on foreclosure.
  • Foreclosure & Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for anyone facing a foreclosure. Find out what it can do here.
  • Commercial Foreclosure - Learn about the issues unique to foreclosure of commercial property.

State Foreclosure Laws


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