Employee Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

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Nondisclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement (NDA)

Make sure your trade secrets are protected. An NDA can help enforce the privacy of you business, and prevent employees from discussing internal business knowledge:

Protect Your Business Secrets
Avoid Legal Disputes Down the Road
Protects trade secrets, financial information & more

Written by Nolo Law

January 2008, 5th Edition

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FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by ___________________________(Company), the undersigned employee hereby agrees and


That during the course of my employ there may be disclosed to me certain of Company's trade secrets consisting but not limited to: technical information including methods, processes, formulae, compositions, systems, techniques, inventions, machines, computer programs and research projects, and business information including customer lists, pricing data, sources of supply, financial data and marketing, production, or merchandising systems or plans.

I agree that I shall not during, or at any time after the termination of my employment with the Company, disclose or divulge to others including future employers, any trade secrets, confidential information, or any other proprietary data of the Company in violation of this agreement.

That upon the termination of my employment from the Company: I shall return to the Company all documents and property of the Company, including but not necessarily limited to: drawings, blueprints, reports, manuals, correspondence, customer lists, computer programs, and all other materials and all copies thereof relating in any way to the Company's business, or in any way obtained by me during the course of employ.

I further agree that I shall not retain copies, notes or abstracts of the foregoing.

The Company may notify any future or prospective employer or third party of the existence of this agreement, and shall be entitled to full injunctive relief, and any other legal remedies available for any breach.

This agreement shall be binding upon me and my personal representatives and successors in interest, and shall inure to the benefit of the Company, its successors and assigns.

Signed this _____ day of ____________________, 19____.


______________________________ _______________________________

Company Employee




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