Release of Mortgage



The undersigned, ____________________________, hereby certifies that the mortgage, dated ____________, 20__, executed by ___________________________ mortgagor, to ______________________________, as mortgagee, and recorded on, 20__, in the office of the ___________________________, in the County of ______________________, State of _________________, in the Book of Mortgages, page ___, together with the debt secured by said mortgage, has been fully paid, satisfied, released, and discharged, and that the property secured thereby has been released from the lien of such mortgage.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned has executed this release on the _____ day of ____________, 20__.








Subscribed and sworn before me this the ____ day of ____________, 20__.

Witness my hand and seal.



_____________________________________ My commission expires:

Notary Public




These forms are provided AS IS. They may not be any good. Even if they are good in one jurisdiction, they may not work in another. And the facts of your situation may make these forms inappropriate for you. They are for informational purposes only, and you should consult an attorney before using them.

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