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New York Child Support: Services Offered through the Division of Child Support Enforcement

Locating the parent responsible for child support
Through many means, the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) – which operates through the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance – can try to locate non-custodial parents who have slipped through the cracks in the system. Through New Hire Reporting Directories, credit bureaus, IRS data, and more, DCSE can help find the non-custodial parent in order to establish or enforce a child support order or contact a divorce lawyer in Albany, New York, Buffalo, New York, New York, New York, or Syracuse, New York.

Establishing paternity
Legal paternity must be established in order to begin the child support process. DCSE can assist in obtaining a court order for a paternity test.

Financial investigation
DCSE can investigate to determine the non-custodial parent’s ability to pay child support.

Collecting payments
Child support payments are remitted to the non-custodial parent’s local Child Support Enforcement Unit’s (CSEU) Support Collection Unit (SCU). The SCU will then disburse the monies to the custodial parent.

Enforcing support orders
The DCSE can help ensure that support payments get made by using a variety of methods:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Intercepting unemployment insurance, lottery winnings, tax refunds
  • Reporting to the credit bureau
  • Suspending their driver’s license
  • Placing a lien against their property
  • Denying them a passport

Establishing and modifying New York child support orders
DCSE can help establish support orders if they were not part of a divorce or separation agreement or if the parents were never married. DCSE can also help modify your child support order when circumstances dictate that a change in child support payments is in order.

Performing Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
New York Child support orders are frequently adjusted to reflect the current cost of living.

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