International Attorneys

Below you'll get information and resources on international attorneys.

  • ALCAN  one of the leading law firms and a point of reference in the legal field in Turkey.
  • Alonso Sarmiento Abogado - Attorney  Legal advice for business in Perú.
  • Arce, Jofre & Asociados  Attorneys at Law in Bolivia
  • Assistance LLC Law Firm  is the oldest private law in Kazakhstan, established in 1988, successfully assisting foreign and national investors doing business in Kazakhstan.
  • Blenheim Attorneys At Amsterdam  Dutch law firm Blenheim, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialized in business and corporate law.
  • Alin Carnaru Law Office  One of Romania's competitive law firms, committed to providing clients with legal representation of the highest quality. Unique knowledge of our clients' businesses forms the foundation for the specialised legal services we are able to offer
  • Costas Indianos & Co  Cyprus based law firm specializing in shipping, offshore companies, real estate, property law, tax-planning, E.U. law, immigration law, family civil administrative and criminal litigation.
  • Eitan Adasha Law Office  is an Israeli law office specializing in all aspects of Israeli Commercial/Business Law.
  • HAMI Legal Services, Inc.  is specialized in patent, trademark and intellectual property matters in Iran and Middle East.
  • Kieron Wood Irish Barrister  The website of Irish barrister Kieron Wood contains advice and information on Irish law, a contact list for all Irish barristers and a glossary of legal terms.
  • The Legal Group   legal consultants in dubae - emirates.
  • Lehman Law   China's leading, full service, private law firm with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and throughout the country. Good resources and FAQS on Intellectual Property and other aspects of Chinese Law.
  • Mossack Fonseco & Co.  Performs offshore companies formations, private fundations, and trust related services.
  • Raysan Patent & Trademark Agents and Attorneys  in Iran provides intellectual property services, investigation, unfair competition and litigation.
  • Salazar, Salazar & Asociados  Attorneys at Law in Bolivia.

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