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Nolo’s editorial department includes more than 15 legal editors and two legal researchers, who all together have have more than 100 years’ experience turning legal jargon into plain English. Most of our editors gave up careers as practicing lawyers in favor of furthering Nolo’s mission: getting legal information into the hands of people who need it.

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Articles By Editors of Nolo

What Happens to the Mortgage on Inherited Real Estate?
When someone inherits a home or similar property, the mortgage obligation is usually part of the deal.
How Does a Premises Liability Injury Case Work?
A "premises liability" personal injury case aims to hold a property owner or operator responsible for harm caused by dangerous property conditions.
Executors: How Do You Find The Will?
What if you're not even sure there is a will? How to conduct your search and what to do if you can’t find the will.
Spendthrift Provisions in a Trust
A "spendthrift trust" is designed to protect a beneficiary who might otherwise quickly spend or lose any inheritance.
Can You Get Disability for Bipolar Disorder?
Here are some tips on how to get Social Security disability benefits for bipolar disorder.
Is a "Deathbed Will" Valid?
Last-minute wills, often called "deathbed wills," can be just as valid as a will created in a lawyer's office.
Caregiver Liability for a Child's Injury
A negligent supervision claim is possible when a child is injured due to the carelessness or inattention of a caregiver.
Collateral Source Rule in Personal Injury Law
The collateral source rule prevents an injured person's damages from being reduced by payments from their own medical insurance, workers compensation, or other third party sources.
Is an Oral (Spoken but Not Written) Will Valid?
Oral wills might have worked when many people were illiterate, but not today. These days, a written and signed will is necessary.
A Doctor's Legal Duty of Care Explained
Learn about what it takes to prove a medical malpractice lawsuit, starting with the doctor's legal obligations.