David Goguen


David Goguen is a Legal Editor at Nolo, focusing on claimants' rights in personal injury cases. He is a member of the State Bar of California with almost two decades of experience in litigation and legal publishing. His work has been featured and quoted in a number of publications, including Medscape and Fodor’s.

Education. David is a graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law, where he made his first foray into publishing as a member of the USF Maritime Law Journal board of editors. 

Legal career. After a few years as a practicing attorney, handling everything from car accident claims to groundwater pollution cases, David began his career as a Legal Editor. Over the years at Nolo, David’s area of expertise has expanded to encompass all kinds of injury-related cases, from fender benders and medical malpractice to the latest mass tort cases making headlines—including Roundup-cancer lawsuits.

Personal injury law. Few areas of the law are more fraught with stress than personal injury. Accidents are by definition unexpected, and they can give rise to all kinds of uncertainty. In the days and weeks following an injury, more and more people go online with questions about their options and the right path forward, and David is proud to be part of a Nolo team that provides some of the best answers out there.

Articles By David Goguen

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