Dan Ray


Dan joined Nolo as a Legal Editor in 2022. He writes and edits articles dealing with personal injury cases and claims. He also writes and edits articles on constitutional law topics from time-to-time.

Education. Dan graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, with a bachelor of business administration degree, majoring in Finance. Later, he received his law degree, with distinction, from the University of Missouri - Kansas City Law School. While in law school, Dan was Editor-in-Chief of the UMKC Law Review, and he earned several awards for academic achievements.

Law and teaching experience. Dan spent about 12 years practicing law in Kansas and Missouri, mostly handling plaintiff-side personal injury cases including slip and fall claims, auto cases, medical malpractice and product liability suits, and civil rights matters. Dan has tried cases in state and federal courts and handled appeals in state and federal courts in Kansas and Missouri. After leaving private practice, Dan spent more than 15 years teaching law. His area of teaching expertise is federal constitutional law. Most recently, Dan was with a legal data analytics firm, where he assisted in creating and maintaining the firm’s civil rights practice area.

Other interests. When he’s not busy writing and editing, Dan follows TCU Horned Frogs football. Having grown up in the Kansas City area, he’s also far too invested in Kansas City Chiefs football. Outside of football season, he enjoys watching old comedy movies and TV shows.

Articles By Dan Ray

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