Curtis Lee

Curtis Lee is a writer and co-owner at Marvel Hill Freelance. Curtis obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Villanova University School of Law and his Bachelor of Science in Business from Wake Forest University.

Before creating Marvel Hill Freelance, Curtis spent several years in private practice engaged in civil litigation. Before that, he had the honor of clerking for a state court Judge in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas.

Articles By Curtis Lee

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After a car accident with a hit and run driver, your options will depend on where you live and your car insurance coverage.
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New Jersey's Legal Options for Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors
Recent changes to New Jersey law give sexual abuse survivors more time (and more options) for seeking a legal remedy for their harm.
Asbestos in Talc: History and Developments
Testing has found asbestos in some baby powder products, and a number of consumers suffering from cancer have filed lawsuits.