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Glossary: Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

Plain-English definitions of common terms used in estate planning and probate.

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Using a Payable on Death Bank Account - or "Totten Trust"

A payable on death bank account - once called a "Totten Trust" - is an easy way to pass on money after death.

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Pros and Cons of POD Designations to Avoid Probate

Payable-On-Death accounts are an inexpensive and simple way to transfer funds after death without probate, but there are drawbacks.

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Chart: Compare Estate Planning Books & Software

Nolo's books and software are the gold standard for do-it-yourself estate planning, but which is best for you?

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Online Estate Planning Apps & Do-It-Yourself Software

Understand what your estate plan should include, decide what products suit your needs, or when you might be better served by using an estate planning ...

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Planning Your Estate: Ten Things You Should Know

Everyone knows they should, but no one ever wants to do estate planning. Who wants to think about your ultimate demise? Knowing that some of your love...

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Estate Taxes

Only the very wealthy need to worry about estate taxes.

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What is a Living Will?

The terms "living will", "health care directive", and "advance directive", all refer to the legal document that lets people state their wishes for end...

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Updating Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan should be reviewed every couple years, and updated whenever you experience major life events.

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