Melissa Linebaugh

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Melissa Linebaugh graduated with honors from the University of Baltimore School of Law and is a member of the Maryland bar. She has a background in criminal, disability, and family law. Ms. Linebaugh works as a general practitioner.

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Articles By Melissa Linebaugh

Can Your Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?
Social Security disability benefits are rarely terminated due to medical improvement, but SSI recipients can lose their benefits if they have too much income or assets.
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If your initial disability application was denied, it's time to start the appeals process.
The Vocational Expert's Role at Your Disability Hearing
The vocational expert (VE) in a Social Security disability hearing offers testimony as to your ability to find work given your condition, age, and the job market.
Can You Get Disability for Lung Disease?
You can get disability benefits for respiratory disorders if they severely affect your ability to work.
Filing for Disability Without a Doctor's Support
If your doctor won't support you in your attempt to get Social Security Disability benefits, your case may be harder to win, but not impossible.
Should You Hire a Disability Lawyer? What Do They Do?
Here's a primer on when to hire a disability lawyer or advocate, and how they can help you win your Social Security case.
What Happens at the Social Security Disability Hearing?
If your Social Security disability application and request for consideration has been denied, the next step is the hearing. Here's what to expect.