Coulter Boeschen

Coulter Boeschen is an attorney and legal author practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in complex legal research and writing, as well as publishing legal material that explains the law to attorneys and the general public. He has contributed more than two dozen chapters to a wide array of legal treatises and practice guides, a number of which are cited as secondary sources in official California jury instructions. He provides expert legal commentary for LexisNexis on California’s Unfair Competition Law and continuously revises and updates several flagship Matthew Bender/Lexis legal publications, such as the New Appleman Insurance Practice Guide. At last count, he had written close to eighty articles aimed at explaining the law to non-attorneys. Coulter received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 2003. He can be reached at boeschen “at” for legal work and project inquiries.

When he isn’t practicing law or writing about it, Coulter enjoys exploring the Bay Area and beyond with his wife and son.

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Articles By Coulter Boeschen

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