Andrew Suszek

Andrew T. Suszek, J.D., has practiced personal injury law (including medical malpractice) for three years and business law for one year. He has experience in all of the stages of a lawsuit: valuing, filing lawsuits, conducting oral and written discovery, drafting and arguing motions, trials, and appeals.

Andrew holds a law degree with a certificate in international and comparative law from DePaul University as well as a bachelor’s degree in political science, professional writing and history from Saginaw Valley State University.

Andrew was a standout student at both schools. At DePaul, Andrew graduated with honors after excelling in several moot arbitration competitions. At SVSU, Andrew again graduated with honors after being elected student body president.

You can email Andrew at [email protected]. He can also be found on Google +






Articles By Andrew Suszek

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