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Driver and Company Liability for Commercial Truck Accidents
After a truck accident, is the driver on the legal hook, or is an employer or business financially responsible?
Can a Warning Sign Limit a Property Owner's Liability?
A prominent sign warning visitors of danger can provide some protection from a "premises liability" claim.
Settlement Value of a Head Injury Claim
Factors that determine the value of an insurance claim or lawsuit involving a head injury, and a look at recent outcomes.
What Your Lawyer Will Do In A Defamation Lawsuit
Here's how a lawyer can help ensure the best outcome for your defamation case.
Tattoo Parlor Liability For Personal Injury
If you got inked up and suffered an injury or illness as a result, is the tattoo parlor on the legal hook?
How to Negotiate a Personal Injury Settlement
Start here to get an overview of the basic strategy for negotiating a good settlement of a personal injury claim.
Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?
The immediate family of a deceased person can usually file a wrongful death claim against the party who caused the underyling accident.
When Your Personal Injury Claim Becomes Fraud
If you're making a personal injury claim, be sure to play by the rules, avoid exaggerating injuries, and steer clear of any hints of fraud.
Foreseeability and Proximate Cause in a Personal Injury Case
Learn about these key liability concepts and how they impact the fault determination after an accident.
Compensating Spouse and Family of the Injured: Loss of Consortium Claims
In a personal injury or wrongful death case, the injured person's family members may be able to recover for their own losses.