Sample Confirmation Letter Used In Injury Settlement Negotiations

When you're told or promised anything important in the course of your injury claim, use a confirming letter to make a paper trail.

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During the course of your injury claim negotiations, you may be told or promised something, or given some information that you want to make sure is not later denied or changed. These kinds of conversations can be with almost anyone involved in your claim -- the other party, an insurance adjuster, an attorney, or others.

Regardless of who you spoke with, if you have any inkling at all that you'd like to preserve a record of what was said, immediately after the conversation you should send a letter confirming what the person told you. The letter does not have to be elaborate, just a brief restatement of what was said. Be sure to make a copy for your own files before you send it.

To help you get started, a sample confirming letter is shown below. You can follow this format for almost any important (or seemingly important) piece of information to make sure that it's part of the "paper trail" in your claim.

Sample Confirming Letter

Paula Thompson
23 Broadway
Anytown, Anystate 12345

January 2, 20xx

Mr. Clarence Smolten

Claims Adjuster

Do Right Insurance Company

Thiscity, Thisstate 54321


Re: Claimant: Paula Thompson

Insured: Rocky Polletto

Claim No. 3244949Kl00

Date of Loss: September 9, 20xx

Dear Mr. Smolten:

This letter is to confirm our telephone discussion of January 2, 20xx in which you informed me that you would be making me an offer of settlement on behalf of the Do Right Insurance Company no later than January 15, 20xx.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,


Paula Thompson

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This article is an excerpt from How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim by Attorney Joseph Matthews (Nolo)

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