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Nolo has been publishing do-it-yourself legal resources for 40 years. You can count on Nolo to ensure you make your last will & testament legal and binding. When it comes to protecting your family and your estate, you want to be sure it's done right.

Quicken WillMaker Plus

More than just a Will! America's Number 1 selling estate planning software is the complete suite written by the trusted lawyers at Nolo Press.

  • Create a Legally Binding Will
  • Create a Health Care Directive, Living Will & Power of Attorney
  • Get free Access to Nolo's Online Living Trust
  • Included Executors Documents

Written by Nolo Law

Software on CD & Download: 46.99

Download Only: 42.99

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Online Living Trust

A living trust is crucial for ensuring that your property get's passed along to your family and doesn't get stuck in probate.

  • Name Beneficiaries to Your Property
  • Avoid Costly & Lengthy Probate
  • Much More

Written by Nolo Law

Online Form: 59.99

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