Calculate Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania

The calculator below will estimate your monthly child support payment based on Pennsylvania's child support guidelines.

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When you have completed the form, click on the calculate button to get an estimate of the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent will have to pay to the custodial parent in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Child Support

In Pennsylvania, child support cases are handled by the Bureau of Child Support Enhancement (BCSE) – a division of the Department of Public Welfare. Many services are offered to those families who qualify, including:

Locating the non-custodial parent
If you need to locate the parent responsible for support before you can begin the process of establishing a child support order, then the BCSE may be able to help. By relying on numerous resources (like IRS data, credit bureau information, new hire reporting directories, etc.), BCSE may be able to locate the non-custodial parent.

Establishing paternity
BCSE helps mothers who need to establish legal paternity for their children in order to receive financial support.

Establishing a court order
BCSE can walk you through the process of pursuing a child support order. This includes obtaining information from both parents and investigating to determine how much each parent is able to pay.

Helping with other matters related to child support
In addition, BCSE can help custodial and non-custodial parents review and modify child support orders, collecting and disbursing child support payments, and cooperating in interstate enforcement of your support order.

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