Private Investigators

Below you'll find links and resources to private investigators.

  • ABC Legal Services  We provide our clients with the highest level of core legal support services in the industry.
  • Abika  Provides background searches, email traces, IM traces, IP address traces, DMV records search, Asset searches and satellite surveillance.
  • Absolute Research Solutions  Private investigation services, namely, locating hard to find people, background checks and special investigations for personal and corporate clientele.
  • Advance Investigative Solutions  Insurance fraud investigation, locates, background checks, criminal investigation, spouse/date checks, bodyguard services. Licensed, bonded, insured. Free initial consultation.
  • American Eagle Investigations  Professional investigative services located in Iowa, licensed in 6 states
  • Arkansas Investigations  Specializing in fraud, white collar crime, False Claim Act, malpractice, elder abuse, corruption, and a host of other investigative services
  • ASIAVEST Investigative Consultants  Expert on Asian organized crime and Asian investigations in general.
  • Best People Search  Paralegal outsourcing solutions. Investigators search unlisted phone numbers, cell phone records, non-published addresses and more. Background checks, criminal searches, & Social Security Number verification. Find people, witness search and people locator services.
  • Champion & Champion  Worldwide genealogical research firm specializing in missing and unknown heirs, genealogy and other investigative services.
  • The Corpra Group Inc.  International Corporate Investigative Specialists
  • Ekeholm & Associates, LLC  Georgia based, licensed and bonded, private investigative firm that specializes in Skiptracing, Asset Searches, and Judgment Recovery. "No-Find, No-Fee" based searches.
  • EX-CEL Investigations  Florida licensed investigative agency; will travel to other states.
  • FinderMonkey People Finder  Experts at tracing and locating people in the UK from lost friends and family members to absconded debtors or missing tenants.
  • Gruppo S.I.T  Fully licensed Italian Detective company operational nationwide. All reports are submitted in English.
  • Hallstrom Detective Agency  At Hallstrom Detective Agency our private investigators find people and locate assets.
  • Infoguys  The Internet's largest and best directory of Private Investigators. We have a powerful search engine to help you find private investigators, forensic experts, and legal information specialists around the world. You can search by area code, zip code, city, state, country, and more!
  • Investigative Searchable Databases
  • I Spy Investigations  a full service detective agency located in Springfield, Missouri. We offer process service, surveillance, DNA testing, witness location, etc.
  • Kessler International  is the recognized leader in forensic accounting and corporate investigative strategies.
  • Louisiana Detectives  Premier New Orleans Private Detective
  • Northshore Process Service  Nationwide and International Process Service and Skip Tracing firm.

  • Opperman Investigations, Inc.  Investigation services including Email Tracing, Employment Locates, Asset Searches, Online Infidelity Investigations.
  • Peace of Mind Investigations  Specializing in difficult locates and background research. Use unique, legal methods to find information.
  • Pyramid Investigative Resources  Offering professional and confidential investigative services to the citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I retired with the Kentucky State Police in 2004. I have 22 years law enforcement expierence in Kentucky and was a detective for the last 14 years for the Kentucky State Police , twelve years in the Special Investigations Branch working goverment coruption and white collar crime cases. I have conducted hundreds of covert investigations and surveillances with successful conclusions.
  • Richard P. O'Neill  Arizona Private Investigator Services, (thousands of helpful links). Specializes in "Hard To Get Info".
  • Sting Investigations & Protection  Tulsa, Oklahoma Private Investigators and Process Servers
  • Tactical Investigation  offers a comprehensive list of investigative services for attorneys and their clients. Specializing in video surveillance.
  • Worldwide Intelligence Network  A Full Service Private Investigative Agency Serving Individuals, Corporations & Attorneys.

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