Vacancy Charges - Landlord/Tenant Form

The form below is a very basic one. Chances are you will need something more comprehensive.



Date: __________________

Tenant's Name: _____________________________Tenant's Address: _____________________________________________________These are the charges for work that must be done when a tenant vacates the premises. These charges are averages. Sometimes the actual charges are either higher or lower than the ones listed here. The management will make allowances for normal wear and tear as well as the amount of time that something has been in use. The replacement charges do include parts and labor.


Clean refrigerator 15.00

Clean stove top 10.00

Clean oven 35.00

Clean stove hood 20.00

Clean kitchen cabinets 25.00

Clean kitchen floor 40.00

Clean tub/shower and area 15.00

Clean toilet and sink 15.00

Clean bathroom cabinets & floor 25.00

Vacuuming 45.00


Remove carpet stains 85.00

Deodorize carpet 95.00

Repair carpet 75.00

Repair hardwood floor 90.00

Refinish hardwood floor 400.00

Repair linoleum 50.00

Replace kitchen linoleum 375.00

Replace bathroom linoleum 230.00

Repair floor tile 35.00

Replace kitchen floor tile 250.00

Replace bathroom floor tile 160.00


Replace kitchen faucet 55.00

Replace bathroom faucet 50.00

Replace Faucet handle 9.50

Replace faucet aerator 3.50

Replace shower head 14.00

Replace toilet tank lid 15.00

Replace toilet 150.00

Replace garbage disposal 85.00


Replace door or mailbox key 4.00

Replace cylindrical door lock 30.00

Replace passage door lock 20.00

Replace dead bolt lock 30.00

Replace mailbox lock 6.50


Remove mildew and treat surface 15.00

Cover crayon marks 35.00

Repair hole in wall 50.00

Remove wallpaper 250.00


Replace single window pane 75.00

Replace double pane 120.00

Replace Venetian blind 75.00

Replace window shade 15.00

Replace drapery rod 25.00

Replace drapery (sill length) 80.00

Re-screen window screen 12.00

Replace window screen 20.00


Repair hole in hollow-core door 45.00

Repair forced door damage 70.00

Replace inside door 135.00

Replace outside door 230.00

Replace single sliding glass door 150.00

Replace double sliding glass door 250.00

Re-screen sliding door screen 25.00

Replace sliding door screen 45.00


Replace light bulb 1.75

Replace light fixture globe 15.00

Replace light fixture 50.00

Replace electrical outlet/switch 5.00

Replace electrical cover plate 1.75


Fumigate for fleas 140.00

Remove junk and debris 50.00

Replace refrigerator shelf 25.00

Paint refrigerator 75.00

Repair ceramic tile 90.00

Replace ceramic tile countertop 475.00

Repair plastic countertop 40.00

Replace plastic countertop 265.00

Replace mirror 45.00

Replace medicine cabinet 75.00

Replace towel bar 15.00

Replace shower curtain rod 18.00

Repair porcelain 135.00

Replace thermostat 60.00

Recharge fire extinguisher 20.00

Replace fire extinguisher 30.00







These forms are provided AS IS. They may not be any good. Even if they are good in one jurisdiction, they may not work in another. And the facts of your situation may make these forms inappropriate for you. They are for informational purposes only, and you should consult an attorney before using them.

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