Calculate Child Support Payments in Missouri  

The calculator below will estimate your monthly child support payment based on Missouri's child support guidelines.

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Missouri Child Support Calculator


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Missouri Child Support

Missouri child support is handled by the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) program which is a division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. They offer a number of services to eligible families that need assistance with matters related to child support.

How to apply for support through CSE
In order to receive child support services through CSE, you need to complete an application. You can either find a printable version of the application online here, call the Missouri CSE information line at 1-800-859-7999, or you can visit your local CSE office.

Determining your child support payment
There are many factors involved in calculating your monthly child support payment. Missouri child support state guidelines include: how many children need support, the income of both parents, cost of health care and day care, etc.

Enforcing child support orders
The CSE can help ensure that the non-custodial parent fulfills his or her support obligations. CSE can help enforce your order by: income withholding, intercepting tax refunds, reporting delinquent payors to the credit bureau, ordering employers to enroll non-custodial parents' children in health care plans, placing liens on personal or real property, suspending licenses, intercepting lottery winnings, and requesting Contempt of Court or criminal Non-Support charges.

Because there are 23 CSE field offices throughout Missouri, you can find a CSE office located near you whether you live in Columbia, Independence, Lee's Summit, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, or elsewhere in the state. For more information about Missouri child support please visit

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