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The calculator below will estimate your monthly child support payment based on Connecticut's child support guidelines.

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Connecticut Child Support

When parents decide to terminate a marriage or separate from a committed relationship, child support orders are usually incorporated in the divorce or separation settlement. During that time, both parents' income and assets are assessed, the financial needs of the child are estimated, the amount of time each parent spends with the child is considered and the non-custodial parent's ability to pay is determined.

State Guidelines for Child Support
Establishing child support is not a cut-and-dry process. The state relies on predetermined guidelines to help determine the amount of child support a non-custodial parent must pay to a custodial parent. While the guidelines are in place to establish a child support order that is in the best interest of the child, the actual amount is contingent on the non-custodial parent's ability to pay. Also, other children that the non-custodial parent must provide financial support for will also be considered when child support is being determined.

State Assistance with Locating an Absentee Parent or Establishing Paternity
Sometimes, serious issues arise before the child support process can even begin. For example, an absentee parent may not be easy to locate or a mother may need help establishing the paternity of her child. These can be significant issues for a single parent to deal with. Fortunately, the Child Support Enforcement Program can assist individuals with these matters. You can learn more about the Child Support Enforcement Program at

State Programs for Child Support Enforcement
Once a child support order is in place, it may be difficult to receive payment from the non-custodial parent. If this is a problem, contact the Child Support Enforcement Program to see what measures can be taken to get the financial support you need to raise your child.

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