How a Lawyer Can Help With Your Roundup (Glyphosate) Case

Here's why an experienced lawyer might be key to your Roundup (glyphosate) case.

If you've been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or some other serious health problem that you think might be linked to your use of Roundup (or a similar glyphosate-based product), you're understandably focused on your health. But you might also have questions about the legal side of things. How do lawsuits over the safety of Roundup work? How much is a Roundup lawsuit typically worth? The answers depend on the specifics of your case, but one thing is certain: Lawsuits over the safety of any product can get very complex very quickly, and your best first step is to discuss your situation with a lawyer.

Roundup (Glyphosate) Cases Can Involve Significant "Damages"

The value of an injury-related case is determined mostly by the seriousness of the claimant's injuries and other losses ("damages"), and glyphosate-based product cases are no exception. A number of consumers have alleged that their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or other health issue can be traced to to their use of Roundup, and that means:

  • significant medical care is often necessary to diagnose and treat the plaintiff
  • medical bills can really add up
  • discomfort (including "pain and suffering") can be prolonged
  • the plaintiff's recovery can take a long time (and recovery is not a guarantee in some cases), and
  • the plaintiff's life can be seriously disrupted.

All of these factors can add to your damages, increasing the value of your Roundup case, and making it critical that your claim be in the right hands. (Keep in mind that your lawyer will almost certainly be paid under a contingency fee agreement, meaning your lawyer receives an agreed-upon percentage of any settlement or court award you receive; if you don't get paid, neither does your lawyer.)

Experience Matters

With some kinds of injuries, it may not be a bad idea to handle a claim on your own. For example, if you're in a minor car accident, the other driver was clearly at fault, and your injuries were pretty slight, hiring a lawyer may not make much of a difference, as long as you're comfortable diving into the claim process. But Roundup cases are very different.

First of all, as we discussed in the previous section, the stakes are typically much higher in cases like these, compared with other kinds of injury cases. When it's time to enter into hardball negotiations with the manufacturer of a potentially-harmful product (and the company's small army of lawyers), an attorney will have the skill, experience, and resolve to stand up and fight for your case.

Second, when you hire a lawyer who has experience with Roundup lawsuits, you're putting your case in the hands of someone who has been here before—that means they know the best evidence to put together, the right legal arguments to make, and how to avoid the kinds of obstacles that can derail your case. Maybe they've even successfully handled cases that are very similar to yours in terms of:

  • your history of using Roundup (on the job, at home, span of time, and so forth), and
  • the specific health issue you're facing (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or some other form of cancer, for example).

A Team Effort

When you hire an experienced Roundup lawyer, you're also getting the benefit of that lawyer's network of medical experts, investigators, litigation consultants, and other professionals who know what it takes to build a strong case, and will work to help build yours. You can bet that the manufacturer of the glyphosate-based product you used will have its own experts and consultants (and you can rest assured their opinions won't exactly be favorable to your case), so it's crucial to have the best possible team on your side.

Your Priority Is Your Health

When you're experiencing health problems that could be tied to a product like Roundup, your priority is getting proper medical care and getting better. Putting the legal side of things in the right hands means you can focus on your health while your attorney focuses on building your best case. Learn more about finding the right lawyer for you and your Roundup (glyphosate) case.

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