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Can Passengers Sue a Cruise Ship Owner/Operator for Personal Injury?

An overview of the complicated laws surrounding lawsuits against cruise ship owners and operators for injuries to passengers.

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Swimming Pool Injuries & Premises Liability Laws

Learn about the duties and potential injury liability of the property owner after an accident in or around a swimming pool.

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Liability for Passengers Injured Aboard a Cruise Ship

Passengers injured aboard a cruise ship may have the right to hold it responsible for their injuries.

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Personal Injury Liability in Amateur Sports

If you're injured playing sports, can you hold another party liable for your injury in a lawsuit? Probably not.

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Who Is Liable in an Injury Claim After an Ice Skating Accident?

Ice skating is an inherently dangerous activity, and skaters assume some risk of injury, but there are cases where a personal injury claim would be ap...

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A Homeowner's Injury Liability for a Trampoline Accident

Under what circumstances can the homeowner be held liable for injuries resulting from a trampoline accident?

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Injury Lawsuits for Skiing & Snowboarding Accidents

If you are injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident caused by another person, that person may be sued for your damages.

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Can a Ski Resort Be Held Liable for Personal Injury After a Skiing Accident?

If you're injured in a skiing, snowboarding, or sledding accident, the resort is almost always protected from injury liability.

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Personal Injury Claims and Liability After a Boat Accident

There are some tricky legal issues with personal injury claims arising from boating accidents - like establishing negligence and liability when the ac...

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