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Getting Estate Assets Appraised

Executors need to know what everything (personal property, real estate, investments, business interests) in the estate is worth--here's where to start...

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Can You Inherit Season Tickets?

There are all kinds of rules and restrictions on who inherits the cherished season tickets of a devoted fan that passes away.

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What Happens to the Mortgage on Inherited Real Estate?

When someone inherits a home or similar property, the mortgage obligation is usually part of the deal.

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How To Transfer U.S. Savings Bonds After Death

Savings Bonds are still popular--and are usually easy to transfer to the beneficiary after the original owner dies.

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Personal Liability for Debts of an Estate

Is the executor personally liable for estate debts? Usually not, but others may be.

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Paying Off Debts of the Estate

A big part of the executors job is to settle the debts of the estate. Here's an overview on what you'll need to do.

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Inheriting an IRA or 401(k) Account as a Surviving Spouse

Spouses get more options than other beneficiaries, and may be able to put off taxes on retirement account funds much longer.

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How do I prove my right to inherit if I'm adopted?

I was adopted as a small child, and now my siblings may be trying to keep my father's estate from me. What should I do?

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Transferring Joint Tenancy Real Estate After a Death

Property held in joint tenancy is usually easy to transfer to the survivor after the other owner dies.

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Transferring Real Estate Held in a Trust

If a trust holds real estate, the trustee will need to sign a new deed, transferring the property to the new owner - the trust beneficiary.

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Transferring Real Estate After Death

How you can transfer real estate in the estate to the new owner depends on how title was held by the deceased.

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Inheriting Retirement Accounts: Legal Overview

Tax-advantaged retirement accounts are subject to different rules than are other inherited assets. Here are the basics.

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A Surviving Spouse's Right to Inherit Retirement Accounts

Even a husband or wife who wasn't named as the beneficiary of a retirement account may have the legal right to claim the money.

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Claiming Life Insurance Proceeds After Death

Life insurance can be a quick and welcome source of cash for surviving family members, who can usually claim the money soon after death, with a minimu...

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Handling Bank Account Funds in an Estate

What happens to cash accounts that belonged to the deceased person? It depends on how the accounts were held.

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