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How to Protect Yourself and Your Business From The Start

Make sure your legal bases are covered from the get-go.

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Consider Zoning When You Choose Your Business Location

Make sure your business's location is set up properly.

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Take Steps to Solve Problems Before Your Business Ends Up in Court

Preventing lawsuits is good medicine for any business owner.

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Keeping Your Business's Legal Bills Under Control

Some tips for small business owners to lower the costs of legal representation.

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Hire a Lawyer Before Your Business Runs into Trouble

Having a lawyer before you really need one can help in the long-run success of your business.

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Don't Forget Licensing Requirements When Your Starting Your Business

Don't Forget Licensing Requirements When Your Starting Your Business by Rebecca Berlin

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Common Zoning Restrictions for Home Businesses

If your business is a type that can be operated as a home-based business, you will still be subject to certain r...

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Legal Issues to Consider When Starting Your Business

A sample of some of the legal concerns you may want to address with your attorney before you start your business.

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Do Your Advertisements Comply with FTC Requirements?

Make sure your business's advertisements don't get you in legal trouble.

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