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Make a Valid Will for your Family today! Get the information and forms you need to make a valid will in North Carolina.

This section provides you with easy access to North Carolina will forms. Your status as either: married, single, widowed or divorced—with or without children—will determine the type of North Carolina will form that you need to fill out. We’ve made choosing the right will for your situation easy. Simply browse the categories below and choose the will form that is appropriate for your situation in life. Once you have selected a will form you will be able to view a detailed description of the form and a general law summary regarding wills for your state. When you order a will form you may choose to download it in electronic Word or Rich Text format or have the form sent to you by regular mail. Remember, a will is a legal document and the forms we offer are the same forms that attorneys use to help you make a will. If you are looking for a Living Will - Go Here.

Also available - Elder Law Questionnaire, Estate Planning Questionnaire

Mutual Wills

  1.     Mutual Wills - Married Couple with Adult Children
  2.     Mutual Wills - Married Couple with Adult and Minor Children
  3.     Mutual Wills - Married Couple with Minor Children
  4.     Mutual Wills - Married Couple with No Children
  5.     Mutual Wills - Man and Woman living Together - Not Married - No Children
  6.     Mutual Wills - Man and Woman living Together - Not Married - With Minor Children
  7.     Mutual Wills - Man and Woman living Together - Not Married - With Adult Children


Will Form and Instructions

  1.     Divorced - Not Remarried - Adult Children
  2.     Divorced - Not Remarried - Adult & Minor Children
  3.     Divorced & Remarried - Mine, Yours and Ours Children
  4.     Divorced - Not Remarried - Minor Children 
  5.     Divorced - Not Remarried - No Children


Will Form and Instructions

  1.     Married - Adult & Minor Children from Prior Marriage
  2.     Married - Minor Children from Prior Marriage 
  3.     Married - Adult Children from Prior Marriage
  4.     Married - Adult & Minor Children 
  5.     Married - Minor Children
  6.     Married - Adult Children
  7.     Married - No Children


Will Form and Instructions

  1.     Single - Minor Children
  2.     Single - Adult Children
  3.     Single - Adult & Minor Children
  4.     Single - No Children


Will Form and Instructions

  1.     Widow-Widower -  Adult & Minor Children
  2.     Widow-Widower - Minor Children
  3.     Widow-Widower - Adult Children
  4.     Widow-Widower - No Children


Generic Will and Instructions

  1.     Generic North Carolina Will - Use this Will if none of the other Will forms above fit your situation.  This Will can be used by any person.



  1.     Codicil to Will Form - for Amending Your Will
  2.     Demand to Produce Copy of Will from Heir to Executor or Person in Possession of Will
  3.     Will Form and Instructions - All Property to Trust ("Pour Over Will")
  4.     Written Revocation of Will
  5.     Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheets
  6.     Document Locator - Personal Information Package includes burial information form.
  7.     Notice to Beneficiaries of being Named in Will
  8.     Complex Will with Credit Shelter Trust for Large Estates


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