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Residential Landlord Tenant Legal Forms Package
» If purchased individually, these forms would total $129.80. For just $49.95, get tremendous savings on forms you will need and use. Forms include the state specific Lease, Lease Application, Reference Check Consent, Pre and Post Inventory Checklist, Lead Paint Disclosure, Welcome Letter, Rent Warning Letter, Rent Termination Notice, Closing Statement and more. Our most popular item.

Residential Supplemental Lease Forms Package
» For Landlords who already have a Lease Agreement form, this Package contains every form listed in the Landlord Tenant Package above, except for the Lease. Only $31.95 for this essential collection of lease-management forms, $111.80 if purchased individually.

Lease Application
» This form is a Lease Application for the Landlord to have the proposed tenant complete and submit to the landlord for the landlord to evaluate. It contains disclosures and an authorization for release of information. See also Sub-Lease Application.

Pre and Post Lease Inventory and Inspection Report
» This is an inventory and condition of leased premises form for pre-lease and post-lease.

Residential Leases - Period to Period
» This is a residential lease form for use in your State. This lease is designed for a specific term such as 1 or more years, 6 months, etc. It contains many provisions, some of which you may desire to modify depending on your agreement with your tenant. You should use this form as a guide and modify it to suit your needs.

Residential Leases - Month to Month
» This is a residential lease form for use in your State but is designed to be a month to month lease instead of a lease for a specific term.  It contains some provisions which you may desire to modify depending on your agreement with your tenant. You should use this form as a guide and modify it to suit your needs.

Lease Termination
» Lease termination forms are very State specific and must contain the property number of days to vacate, correct the default, etc.  We have broken our termination forms down into two categories, residential and non-residential.  Review the forms available, as well as the free law summaries connected to each search result, to select the form for your situation.

Lease Termination Forms - Residential

Lease Termination Forms - Non-Residential

Lease Closing Statement
» This is a closing statement where the Landlord records the deposits and credits, less deductions from the credits or security deposit for delivery to the tenant.

Commercial Lease - Select from Several Available.
» This is a Commercial Lease form for the State of West Virginia. It is for leasing a building for any use, such as an office. This lease is very detailed. Make changes to suit your needs and agreement with your lessee.

Lead Paint Disclosure
» This form is the lead-based paint disclosure statement required by Federal Law for homes built prior to 1978. It must be presented to the buyer in a sale transaction. Based on 42 U.S.C. 4852.

Notice of Lease For Recording - Residential or Commercial
» This form is for recording in the official records to provide notice that a lease exists on a certain parcel of real estate. It is used in lieu of recording the entire lease agreement.

Temporary Leases
» This form is a temporary lease between the seller and buyer of a residence prior to closing. It it for the situation where the seller desires to allow the buyer to take possession prior to closing of the contract of sale.


Residential Tenancies - People purchasing a Residential Lease also purchased the forms listed below. To purchase all the forms as a group, please see the complete package above.

Lease Application

Lead Paint Disclosure

Inventory and Inspection Report

Welcome Letter to New Tenant

Salary Verification Form - Lessee

Consent to Background and Reference Check

Other Landlord & Tenant Forms

Agreed Cancellation of Lease

Farm Leases

Agreement for Repayment of Past Due Rent

Federal Consumer Leasing Act Disclosure Form

Agreement for Delayed or Partial Rental Payment

Guarantee of Payment of Rent

Amendment to Lease

Lease - Office / Office Space

Apartment Lease

Lease Renewal Agreement

Apartment Rules & Regulations

Mobile Home Lot Lease

Assignment of Lease with Notice of Assignment

Opinion of Local Counsel for Lessee

Assignment of Lease Purchase Agreement

Option and Lease Agreement

Assignment of Leases & Rents - Borrower to Lender

Option to lease Real Estate- Long form

Assignment of Lease

Option to lease Real Estate for Recording-Short form

Cancellation of Lease Agreement

Option to Purchase Real Estate

Change In Rent, Amt., Date, Address

Parking Space Lease

Consent to Background and Reference Check

Property Management Agreement

Co-Signor's Attachment to Lease

Salary Verification Form - Lessee

Contract for Lease and Purchase of Real Estate

Shopping Center Lease - Percentage

Contract for the Lease of Personal Property

Simple Hunting and Fishing Lease

Contract for the Lease of Real Estate

Subordination Agreement (Lease)

Extension of Residential Lease

Tenant Finish and Leasing Agreement

Extension of Commercial Lease

Letters and Notices

Use this section to locate letters and notices commonly used between landlords and tenants.

Most Common Residential Lease Termination Forms

Most Common Non-Residential Lease Termination Forms

Broken lights or wiring

Notice to Pay Rent

Cease retaliatory decrease in services

Notice to Quit for default in terms of lease

Cease retaliatory eviction / eviction threats

Notice to remove Wild Animals in Premises

Doors broken and need repair

Outdoor garbage recepticals

Expiration of lease and non-renewal by landlord.

Refusal to allow sublease is unreasonable

Fair Housing - Reduction or denial of services

Remove garbage and vermin from premises

Failure to comply with building codes

Remove unauthorized pets from premises

Failure to keep premises clean and safe

Repair floors, stairs or railings

Failure to return security deposit

Request for permission to sublease

Illegal entry by landlord

Returning security deposit less deductions

Improper rent increase during lease

Roof leaks during rain and demand for repair

Inadequacy of heating resources

Sexual Harassment

Insufficient notice of change in rental agreement

Sublease granted. Tenant released.

Insufficient notice of rent increase

Sublease granted. Tenant not released

Insufficient notice to terminate rental agreement

Tenant disturbing neighbors' peaceful enjoyment

Landlord repair broken windows

Tenant engaging in illegal activity

Landlord repair plumbing problem

Tenant Maintenace / Repair Request

Notice to Tenant to Vacate at end of Term

Termination due to landlord's failure to repair

Notice that heater is broken

Termination for landlord's noncompliance

Notice that premises is uninhabitable

Time of intent to enter premises

Notice of moving out prior to expiration of lease

Unjustified non-acceptance of rent

Notice to remove unauthorized inhabitants

Unsafe Living Conditions Landlord to Tenant

Notice of change in tenancy agreement

Unsafe Living Conditions Tenant to Landlord

Notice of Default on Commercial Lease

Warning Notice due to Neighbor Complaints

Notice of Default on Residential Lease

Warning of Default on Commercial Lease

Notice of Intent to Enter by Landlord

Warning of Default on Residential Lease

Notice of Intent to Move by Tenant

Welcome Letter to New Tenant

Notice to Remove Abandoned Personal Property

Withdraw retaliatory rent increase

Wrongful deductions from security deposit

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