Roommate Agreement



Date: _______________

This agreement amends, the Rental Agreement dated _______________ between _______________________________, Owner and ___________________________________, and __________________________________, Tenants.

Tenants, also referred to here as "Roommates," desire to rent the premises on a "roommate arrangement." Owner agree to this arrangement under the following terms and conditions:

ROOMMATE APPROVAL AND SUBSTITUTION--Every person who wishes to become a Roommate under this agreement, whether as an original Roommate or as a substituted Roommate, must first submit a Rental Application and be approved by the Owner in writing. The Owner may require substituted Roommates to sign the existing Rental Agreement or may require an entirely new agreement to be signed by the substituted Roommates and the remaining Roommates. Upon substitution of Roommates, Owner may elect to increase the deposit.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY--Each Roommate agrees to be responsible to the Owner for the entire rent and the entire amount of any other charges incurred under the Rental Agreement.

DEPOSITS--Roommates agree to pay deposits to the Owner in the form of a single certified check or money order. The Owner will hold all deposits until the entire dwelling has been vacated completely. Owner may make deposit refunds in the form of a single check made payable jointly to all Roommates with rights to the deposits. This check and the itemized accounting of deposit deductions may be sent to any one of the Roommates with rights to the deposits.

DEPARTING ROOMMATES--Roommates who move out while this Agreement is in effect continue to have financial responsibility under this Agreement unless the Owner releases them from this responsibility in writing or unless they are replaced by substituted Roommates approved by the Owner. Upon being relieved of financial liability, departing Roommates relinquish all rights to the deposits.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ROOMMATES ALLOWED--Without the prior written approval of the Owner, Roommates may at no time exceed __________ in number.

COMMUNICATIONS--Whenever the Owner gives a notice to one Roommate, it shall be considered as having been communicated to all Roommates. Whenever one Roommate gives a notice to the Owner, it shall be considered as having been communicated from all Roommates.

Owner _____________________________ 

Roommate ___________________________

Roommate ___________________________




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