Renewal--Option To Renew At Specified Rental

The form below is a very basic one. Chances are you will need something more comprehensive.



Lessee is given _______________ (Number) successive options to renew the lease for a _______ year period, upon the same terms and conditions of the lease, dated ______________________, _______ provided, however, the rent during each such renewal period shall be as follows:

__________ (number of months or years) $___________

__________ (number of months or years) $___________

__________ (number of months or years) $___________

__________ (number of months or years) $___________

Payable _______________ (monthly or annually in advance). Such options must be exercised by lessee providing written notice of renewal to lessor, not less than _____________ days before the expiration of the terms of this lease, or any renewal of the lease.




These forms are provided AS IS. They may not be any good. Even if they are good in one jurisdiction, they may not work in another. And the facts of your situation may make these forms inappropriate for you. They are for informational purposes only, and you should consult an attorney before using them.

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