Guaranty of Payment of Instrument



The undersigned guarantees unconditionally prompt payment of the above instrument when due, whether at maturity, by acceleration, or otherwise. The undersigned shall pay all costs and expenses, including attorneys fees, incurred in the collection of the above instrument and in the enforcement of this guaranty. No renewal or extension of the instrument, no release or surrender of any security for the instrument, nor release of any person, primarily or secondarily liable on the instrument, no delay in the enforcement of the payment of the instrument, and no delay or omission in exercising any right or power under the instrument shall affect the liability of the undersigned. The liability of the undersigned on this guaranty shall be direct and not conditional or contingent on the pursuit of any remedies against any maker, endorser, or any collateral held as security for the payment of the above instrument. The undersigned expressly waives presentment, protest, demand, notice of dishonor or default, notice of acceptance of this guaranty, and notice of any kind with respect to the above instrument or the performance of the obligations under the instrument. The undersigned consent to be bound by all the terms and provisions of the above instrument, including the authority to confess judgment.

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