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The calculator below will estimate your monthly child support payment based on South Dakota's child support guidelines.

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Child Support Enforcement Methods in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Social Services Division of Child Support (DCS) offers assistance to families who need help establishing and/or collecting child support. Unfortunately, even with a court-ordered child support arrangement, some parents are negligent in their responsibility to provide financial support for their children. When this happens, there are a number of measures that can be enacted to make sure a custodial parent receives the money they need for the support and welfare of their child. Common methods of enforcing child support orders in South Dakota include:

Income withholding
If a non-custodial parent will not pay child support of his or her own volition, DCS will seek to have his or her monthly child support obligation withheld directly from their paycheck. Income may also be withheld from unemployment benefits.

Automatic withdrawal of income
A non-custodial parent may choose to enter an agreement that will allow DCS to automatically withdraw monthly child support payments from his or her account at a financial institution.

Credit Bureau Reporting
A non-custodial parent may be reported to the credit bureaus if they owe at least $1,000 in child support.

License Restriction
A non-custodial parent’s driver’s, professional, hunting and/or fishing license may be restricted if they are behind in child support payments by at least 3 months or are behind in child support payments by at least $1,000.

Passport Denial
If a non-custodial parent is over $2,500 past due in their child support payments, an application for a passport may be denied.

Tax Refund Interception
Past due child support may be withheld from a non-custodial parent’s federal income tax refund.

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