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Alabama Child Support

Child support is not only based on the idea that both parents are legally obligated to provide care for their children, but also that children deserve to have the same standard of living they would have had if their family unit had stayed intact. When parents no longer live together, there are many issues that arise around the issue of child support. Below is some brief information about common Alabama child support issues.

Child Support Calculations
The amount of support a non-custodial parent has to pay in child support every month is based on state guidelines. In general, the gross income of both parents, daycare and medical expenses are taken into account when determining the amount of child support the non-custodial parent will have to pay each month. 

Collecting and Dispensing Child Support
Child support payments may be made directly from one parent to the other or through income withholding. All child support payments made through income withholding are processed through the Alabama Child Support Payment Center. The Center disburses child support payments on the same day they are received; you may choose to have child support sent to you through check, direct deposit or a debit card.

Child Visitation
As a non-custodial parent, you have a legal right to spend time with your children. Child support and child visitation are not connected to each other. So, even if a non-custodial parent is not paying child support, he or she is still entitled to see their child. Likewise, if a custodial parent is not allowing the non-custodial parent to see his or her child, the non-custodial parent is still legally obligated to pay child support.

Additional Support for Families
Family Assistance is a program that provides financial assistance to low-income families with children. This support is available only on a limited term.

The Child Support Enforcement Division of the Alabama Department of Human Resources manages all aspects of child support, from establishing support orders to finding non-custodial parents. Whether you are in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville or Mobile.

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