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The following bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys are licensed in Nebraska and provide legal advice and solutions for debt problems, and representation in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and other types of bankruptcy cases.

Lepant & Lentz, PC, LLO

Lepant & Lentz, PC, LLO

Free Bankruptcy Consultations at our Lincoln or Omaha offices, by phone or at your location. Evening/Weekend appointments are available by appointment. We are here to help!

Address: 2111 S. 67th St., STE 300 - Omaha, NE 68106
Phone: (402) 421-9676

Burke Smith Law

Burke Smith Law

Address: 10730 Pacific Street Suite #100 - Omaha, NE 68114
Phone: (402) 718-8865

R Abell Brown Law LLC

R Abell Brown Law LLC

Address: 1941 E. 8th Street - Fremont, NE 68025
Phone: (402) 721-2198

Theresa M. Siglar, Attorney at Law

Theresa M. Siglar, Attorney at Law

I work hard to support clients no matter the situation at hand. Knowledgeable lawyer Convenient office hours Reasonable lawyer fees We Are A Debt Relief Agency Assisting People in Filing for Bankruptcy Offer reasonable evening and weekend hours

Address: - Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 435-7000

Woods & Aitken LLP

Woods & Aitken LLP

Since 1921, Woods & Aitken LLP has focused its practice of law on achieving long-term client success.

Address: 301 South 13th Street, Suite 500 - Lincoln, NE 68508-2578
Phone: 402-437-8500

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Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyers

Start here to find an attorney to help with your bankruptcy filing, debt settlement, or other debt relief solution. These attorneys are licensed debt relief agencies, meaning they help people file for bankruptcy and can offer alternative solutions for consumers and business owners who have become insolvent.

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Working With an Attorney

Can I File for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?
For some people with simple cases and little or no assets, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer may be an option. If you're comfortable dealing with complex paperwork and can put in the time to learn the law, you can save on legal fees.
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Bankruptcy Attorneys vs Bankruptcy Petition Preparers
Bankruptcy petition preparers are less expensive than bankruptcy lawyers but they can only help with the bankruptcy paperwork, they can't give you legal advice or offer alternatives to bankruptcy.
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Bankruptcy Lawyer Costs & Types of Fees
Most bankruptcy lawyers will charge a fixed fee to analyze your case, file your bankruptcy, and represent you in the bankruptcy hearing.
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What If I Can't Afford a Bankruptcy Attorney?
For people considering bankruptcy, money for legal fees is not always available. The good news is, a bankruptcy will usually free up a lot of income and there are some ways your attorney can help.
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How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer
Personal referrals are generally the best way to find a lawyer, but most often you'll need to find and screen attorneys on your own.
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What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer
As you interview attorneys, make sure you ask questions about their usual availability, their fees, their experience with various debt relief options, and their practice style.
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