How Long Will Bankruptcy's Meeting of Creditors Take?

The 341 hearing hearing in bankruptcy usually lasts ten minutes or less. Learn more.

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must attend the meeting of creditors (341 hearing). Although you might have to sit around the hearing room for quite some time waiting for your case to be called, your actual time in front of the bankruptcy trustee will probably be short -- less than ten minutes in most cases.

What Is the Meeting of Creditors?

In every Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you must attend a hearing called the meeting of creditors (or 341 hearing). The hearing is conducted by your bankruptcy trustee -- it is not a formal court hearing and the bankruptcy judge will not be present.

At the hearing, the bankruptcy trustee will ask you questions about your finances. Creditors are premitted to attend (hence the title of the hearing), but seldom do. If creditors do appear, however, they may ask you questions as well.

How Long Will the Hearing Last?

Your bankruptcy trustee will schedule many hearings on one day. You'll be given a time to appear, but you might have to wait around while other cases are heard first.

However, once the bankruptcy trustee calls your case, things usually move quickly. The bankruptcy trustee will ask a series of routine questions and then inquire about any issues or matters that he or she feels needs more explanation. If a creditor appears, those questions are usually very short as well.

In most cases, the hearing is over in ten minutes or less.

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