Can I Use the Homestead Exemption for Something Else?

Learn if you can apply the homestead exemption towards other personal property.

Whether you can apply the homestead exemption amount to other property depends on your state exemptions and whether you are allowed to use the federal exemptions.

Some states allow you to apply any unused portion of the homestead exemption to other property. 

If you are using the federal bankruptcy exemptions (currently 19 states plus the District of Columbia allow debtors to use federal instead of state exemptions), you can apply up to $11,850 of any unused homestead exemption towards any other property (as of 2016--federal exemption amounts change every six years).

Alternatively, many states have a dedicated “wildcard” exemption that a debtor may use towards property not covered by specific exemptions.

To learn more about exemptions, including the wildcard and homestead exemption, and whether you can use state or federal exemptions, see our Bankruptcy Exemptions topic area.

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